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In basketball, the basket is comprised of a hoop (net) attached to a flat backboard (vertical glass board). Regulation basketball hoops are suspended 10’ | 3.05 m from the surface with a rim diameter of 18” | 46 cm. The backboard surface is sized at 42” x 72” | 110 x 183 cm.

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The standard diameter of a basketball rim (hoop) is 18 inches or 46 cm. But it could be a slight variance in some sort of playing. Such as recreational games, international, school-level games, etc. Knowing the right diameter of a rim is really important because no one is a sharpshooter from birth.

What Is the Diameter of a Basketball Hoop?

A standard basketball is 9 inches in diameter. That means with the new hoop, players will only have 1 inch of wiggle room left. This amount of space is quite a bit less compared to what players have been used to so far.

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According to the rules specified by the International Basketball Federation, a standard basketball hoop should have a minimum inside diameter of 450 millimeters and a maximum of 459 millimeters. This measurement is approximate to 17.7 to 18 inches, which is same measurement with the NBA standard 9 inches radius.

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The diameter of a basketball hoop is required to be 18 inches, and this is uniform for all courts everywhere around the world. A full-sized basketball needs this much space to pass through the hoop without getting stuck, and this diameter never changes. The official height of the hoop should be 10 feet off the surface of the ground.

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Basketball hoop rim diameter. The diameter of a basketball hoop rim used by professional leagues including the NBA, universities, and high schools is 18 inches or 45.72 centimeters. The diameter is measured from the inside of the rim and is the distance through the center of the rim dividing it into 2 equal parts.