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On-Ball Defense – Coaches Insider

On-Ball Defense Lee Rose. On-the-ball defense is the term used to define the defender guarding the player with the ball. When coaches... Contain the dribbler. . The object is to stay in front of the ball to keep the offensive player from penetrating. The... Fake at the dribbler. . This maneuver ...

On-Ball Defense - Defending the Jab Step

USA Basketball Shooting Drills. Kyrie Irving Layup Instructional. 2 Ball Dribbling Routine. Pivot With A Step-out. Stationary Ball Handling - Around The Body. Transitioning - On-Ball Defense To Denial. On Ball Defense - Off The Dribble.

5 Tips for Better On-The-Ball Defense - Breakthrough Basketball

Typically the player with the ball will try to head fake, or fake with the ball to get you to move where they want you to go. Probably the most difficult move to defend is a good crossover... IF you look at the TIPS above, they will help you to be a good defender.... especially tip #1. Tip #1 - Never lose your balance.

On-the-Ball Basketball Defense - My Youth Basketball Player

Your job on basketball defense is to overplay them by adjusting your feet so you "herd" them in the direction where they have to use their weaker hand. Playing on-the-ball basketball defense is just one defensive situation you will come across in the game.

47 Basketball Defense Tips (Become a Great Defender)

On-Ball Basketball Defense Tips 34. Put Constant Pressure on the Basketball. While the main goal is containment, we don’t want players to do this by standing 2 meters off their opponent and giving them wide open shots. Players must learn how to contain their player while also putting constant pressure on them when they have the basketball.

Ball Line Defense - Hoop Student

The on-ball defender should apply defensive pressure with a hand up near the ball to contest jump shots and feet on balance to slow down or stop the dribble drive penetration. Off-ball defenders move toward the ball line. Whenever possible, off-ball defenders should move as close to the ball line as possible.